1. Donate it to a charity or a non-profit group.
  2. Trade or sell the furniture online.
  3. Refurbish it.
  4. Repurpose it.


Donate it to a charity or a non-profit group

Furniture is one of the hardest things to get rid of mostly because of its size and the gargantuan effort needed to move it out of your home. If you’re wondering what you can do with unwanted furniture there are many ways to go about dated, dirty, and bulky domestic items without expending a lot of time, effort and money.

The first thing you might want to consider doing is to donate it to charity or a non-profit organization. You have a lot of options which include The Salvation Army, local churches, local charity, and even to a local theatre. You can also choose to give it to a Goodwill store, any senior citizen center, and other civic groups that might need used furniture for their many social programs.

Donated furniture is often given to people who are victims of fire, flood, and other tragic events. Giving to charitable institutions should not only relieve you from heavy furnishings but also give you positive feelings because you are able to help other people in the community. Depending on where you end up giving the unwanted items it can be tax deductible. Perhaps the best news is that some organizations and groups would even pick up the furniture for you from your home.


Trade or sell the furniture online

Thanks to the Internet you can reach a wider group of people that might be interested to have your unwanted furniture pieces. You can sell or even exchange your items thru online portals like the Craigslist. The good thing about this site is that it is so easy to use. You just create a profile in the website, post your items, provide some photos and details and specify what you want to do about the pieces. If you have no idea where to give your dated furnishings or you simply do not want to manhandle the thing all the way to the landfill area then Craigslist is your best option. If you can get a decent value out of your things then maybe you can sell it or trade it with something you really need. The possibilities are endless.

Freecycle is another online portal you can use to free yourself from your large-sized domestic articles. This organization is a non-profit, grassroots outfit that is committed to the cause of redistributing goods to many communities in the US. The services it offers is free and you become a partner in their effort to reduce wastes resources. You can even decide who you will donate your things to. This adds to the joy of giving things, to be connected to the people you were able to help with your items.


Refurbish old furniture

Before deciding to give your couch to a local charity, you might want to reupholster it in a different color and texture. This can give it a new look, allowing it to compliment the newer pieces you have added in your home through the years. Ugly items sometimes look unattractive because its color is no longer current. So a simple solution is to repaint it, or sand it and apply a darker stain that will fit right into your modern home.

So instead of buying a new one, consider reviving old chairs, tables, and shelves with a new splash of color, additional decorative elements, or covering it up with fabric that goes well with the current look you are aiming for in your home.

You can also try rearranging the refurbished things so that it would have an entirely new use at home. An old cupboard can become a wood-stained toy display shelf in your toddler’s new room. Or the old dining table can become two new study tables for your teen twins who are moving to their own rooms next month. The idea is to extend the life of these things so that you do not have to buy a new one or deal with the hassle of putting it away.


Repurpose it

If refurbishing furniture is out of the question (no amount of paint or fabric can cover up its hideous appearance) then maybe you can try repurposing it instead. There are a lot of modern repurposing projects that create a quirky addition to a modern home. The claw-footed tub can become a couch – cutting it on one side and then upholstering it can make it into an interesting loveseat. You can use your old toilet bowl as a planter in the backyard, a bookshelf into an outdoor garden addition, the possibilities are endless!

If your repurposed items simply would not fit into your home maybe your in-laws would be more than happy to have it in theirs so might as well give it to them as a present, especially when the repurposed piece turned out to be a very nice piece. With these suggestions, you will have no trouble deciding what you can do with unwanted furniture.


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