Recycling is a large part of Vancouver culture. As a community, we understand the importance of being green and keeping our environment as clean as possible for future generations. Doug’s Rubbish Removal in Vancouver is an expert junk elimination company that is dedicated to recycling as much of Vancouver’s trash as possible, while keeping their rubbish removal services convenient for customers.

Some of Doug’s Rubbish Removal’s services include Vancouver rubbish disposal, office clearance, garage clearance, and furniture disposal. Electronic or e-waste, scrap metal, home appliances, carefully used furniture, drywall and building waste, and concrete can all be recycled or donated. That is why Doug’s Rubbish Removal recycles up to 60% off all their loads and they aim to enhance that portion every day.

Scraps from a renovation can be reused in landscaping: small pieces of concrete can be reused as landscaping stones and salvaged wood can be transformed into chipping for plant beds. Fixtures such as boarding, moulding, windows, floor and ceiling tiles, doorknobs and drawer pulls are sometimes considered vintage or antique. Salvage stores may want to buy some of the items or neighbors with a similar house may want to use the items in their own remodeling project. These are some of the ways that Doug’s Rubbish Removal in Vancouver is committed to recycling and environmental sustainability.

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