Hooray, the holidays are here! It’s so exciting to see all the lights, hear the music, and get the gifts. While we have braved the snow storms, the crowded parking lots, the treacherous commutes, and shopping chaos, it’s all worth it to find the perfect gift and to know that someone out there may find a gift for you. It’s important to remember that this is a season of giving but when is the giving too much? Sometimes we are too focused on the material side of the season and forget what’s important. Rather than buy things that people don’t need, you may want to rethink your approach to the season. The last thing you want is for a gift to be forgotten or, worse, treated like trash. Maybe you or someone you love has actually been overwhelmed with years of indulging in the material side of things. A little but worthwhile gift may be the gift of cleanliness and organization. Vancouver trash removal can be cathartic. You can’t put a price tag on giving someone’s life back.

This year, as you shop and look at all the decorations, think about what the holidays really mean. Material goods may hold you down or take over your life needlessly. It may be time to treat yourself or someone you love to peace of mind and a fresh start. Doug’s Rubbish has been providing reliable and essential trash removal to Vancouver since 1991.

While it’s the sentiment that counts, think of each gift you give or receive this way: if it’s not needed or takes up essential space, it’s time to remove it. Contact Doug’s Rubbish Removal today and let’s give the gift of peace of mind together.