House renovations are extremely common in the metro Vancouver area and if you’re a homeowner chances are you’ve probably done some repairs over the years.

If you’ve done any moderate to major repairs on your home or property, chances are you’re going to be left with excess materials and debris such as drywall, flooring, old appliances, bath tubs etc.

When you’re planning to renovate keep in mind two key things: how much stuff you think you’ll have left over and how you’re going to get rid off it.

Here are a few of the common ways to get rid of your excess reno materials.

1. Put it out with the trash, recycling or kitchen and yard waste.
For small renovations and home improvement jobs you can sometimes get away with putting your leftover materials out with your household garbage, recycling or kitchen and yard waste.

2. Call a friend with a truck.
Redoing one of your bathrooms? You might end up getting stuck with an old shower stall or bath tub. Calling a friend with a truck can be a good solution for this type of load. Doing a dump run with an old bath tub or shower stall won’t cost too much. You’ve got the tipping fee, gas, along with both parties time. You might have to buy them lunch for helping you too.

3. Rent a truck or trailer.
If you’re doing a slightly bigger renovation, renting an attachable trailer or a truck is a viable way of doing the cleanup. Renovations that have you laying new floors, getting rid of old furniture, sofas and sectionals may require that increased space and your friends half-tonne pickup might not suffice. This will often cost you a disposal fee at the transfer station/landfill, a certain dollar amount per kilometer, gas as well as your time and effort. Keep in mind who will be doing the heavy and repetitive lifting. If you’re fine with the doing the lifting yourself, this solution could work well. Keep in mind that you need to leave the truck or trailer clean, if not, they’ll charge you a cleaning fee.

4. Rent a bin.
You’ve decided to do some serious construction which requires a bin for large and heavy materials such as concrete, wood, dirt, drywall and green waste. Hiring a bin can be more costly however many rubbish removal companies can drop the bin off at your place.

5. Hire a junk removal company.
For reno jobs that involve removing a couple of key pieces of furniture like a mattress and box spring to taking more than a tonne of debris or yard waste, a junk removal company can make your life significantly easier. This is by the far easiest method of junk removal for homeowners in the Vancouver area. A company like ours will do all the heavy lifting, completely removing the possibility of injury to you and those that would have been helping you. Depending on the load, the cost of our service can be comparable to renting a truck or bin, especially when you factor in your time and costs at the landfill or transfer station.

These are the most common ways to remove the leftover debris and waste from your renovation project. You can take a more hands-on, physical approach and do the bulk of the work yourself, or you can have a junk company do the heavy lifting for you. The consideration will be how much work you want to do yourself, your budget, size of load and amount of free time you have to dedicate to cleaning up.