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Cleaning out your garage can be a daunting undertaking. Garage clearance is more than a chore, it’s hard work that can take days, weeks, even months. Doug’s Rubbish can save time and stress with our services and helpful tips. If you can’t park your car in your garage or you want to set aside some space for projects, use our garage clearance services and these tips to help get you started.

Create a schedule

Be generous with your time. You may think it will take a full Saturday but allow yourself the entire weekend or spread your garage clearance out an hour a day for two weeks. Giving yourself more than enough time will save you stress, frustration, and body aches. You will also need to adjust for unanticipated factors like leaks or proper disposal of hazardous materials.

Get help

Ask family and friends to help you with the project. This will make the time go faster and give you new perspectives on how to effectively organize your clutter.

Go through everything

Open all boxes and containers especially if it has been many years since your last decluttering. You don’t want to neglect any corners in case a family heirloom was misplaced by someone in your home. You may also find items that you are able to reuse or sell.

3 is the magic number

Organize three piles: keep, sell/donate, trash. You may need to use tarps to mark off areas on your driveway or backyard.


Schedule our garage clearance service to help you dispose of your unwanted items. Old toys, broken items,  and anything that has not been used in the past 2 years. If there is sentimental value, ask yourself how much it’s worth to restore the item or simply take a picture of it before letting go. Contact Doug’s Rubbish to properly remove expired household cleaning or chemical products.


If there are items you no longer use but may be useful to someone else, donate them or sell them if you have the time.


Use see-through stackable plastic containers to organize what you want to keep including tools, sporting goods, car products, etc.

Organize storage items

Paint may get ruined in extreme cold or heat so store it accordingly.

Propane tanks should always be kept outdoors as even a small spark can ignite a leaky tank. Keep papers inside as bugs and roaches are attracted to cardboard boxes filled with papers.

Move your pet food indoors or keep it in a sealed container to avoid raccoons and other animals from sniffing out the food.

Keep safe

Keep a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector in your garage especially if you are storing gasoline and other flammable items.

Create a floor plan

Before organizing your garage, take the dimensions including windows, switches, receptacles, doors, and the space needed for your car and/or project. Organize the space as the following:

Bulky items should be placed in corners or areas that won’t be in the way of your car

Items that are used frequently should be organized close to the door.

Things that go together, like cleaning equipment and their required cleaning products, should be organized in close proximity of one another.

Organize seasonal items or things that you infrequently use in areas that are difficult to get. For example, store skis up high until the Winter.

Keep everything off the floor

Clutter begins as stuff take up space on the garage floor. Shelves, cabinets, and other organizers will help you to keep everything raised off the floor. Maximize the room in your garage and think vertical.

The roof of your garage is a great place to store long or awkward shaped items. Ensure that you measure correctly so any overhead shelving does not interfere with your garage door, lighting, or car clearance.

Get Organized

Get stackable clear plastic bins with lids for large items, clear jars of different sizes for smaller items. Clean and dry the jars before using. You may also need a lockable cabinet for chemicals, equipment, and hazardous material that you don’t want children handling. A portable label maker is also useful to ensure that messy handwriting or marker doesn’t get erased.

Garage clearance can be easy with Doug’s Rubbish Removal. Contact us today for consultation and service. At least once a year, go through the contents of your garage and purge your belongings. For service in Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and the Lower Mainland, call Doug’s Rubbish Removal today (604) 506-3684