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We’re in the midst of the unrelenting November rain. The short days leave us listless at home. Energize the clan and clean up your home while being environmentally conscious. Depending on how diligent you’ve been and the size of your home, you may need to do a lot of work before you get it spick and span. While there is a multitude of household cleaners, there are also environmentally-friendly alternatives. Additionally, not all your trash needs to go to the dump. Doug’s Rubbish is a trash removal company that offers a variety of services but understand that trash removal can affect the environment, so here are several tips to help keep your carbon footprint low.

Paperless Prevails

We all hate junk mail and hate bills even more. Find out how you can signup for paperless billing from your bank or any other billing companies. You can also contact the post office and let them know that you don’t want to receive any unaddressed advertising.

Give it away, give it away. Now

We are all somewhere on the hoarding spectrum. There are probably a lot of things in your home that you haven’t used in months and even years. Just because you don’t use something, doesn’t mean someone else won’t get some use out of it. Purge your closets, basement, addict, garage, and storage rooms. Donate to goodwill or even use social media or third-party sites to sell things you don’t use.


We often forget that we are able to use things for multiple purposes. Don’t be so quick to make a new purchase. Look around your home for old items that you can repurpose like using an old shirt for a rag or duster. You can also use old newspapers instead of buying disposable glass cleaning cloths.

Find eco-friendly cleaners

Harsh chemicals are abundant in household cleaners but more and more brands offer eco-friendly alternatives. There are also homemade cleaners like a simple vinegar and water mixture.

Doug’s Rubbish is a trash removal company that you can count on. No matter the size, we can help. Contact us today for an estimate.