Everyone builds up junk as they live. We purchase new tools and, over time, they start to wear down until we stop using them. Though it’s natural to gather junk, if you leave it sitting around, a large pile of junk can be difficult to dispose of properly. After you gather enough, it’s a good idea to start making arrangements for a professional disposal company to help you get rid of your junk in a quick, efficient, and organized matter. That’s why when it comes to all junk removal, Doug’s Rubbish Removal provides removal services to help you keep your property and house clean. We provide up front quotes so that no matter what, you’ll always know how much you have to pay, with no hidden fees or costs.

At Doug’s Rubbish, we specialize in removal of undesired items in any space. From houses, to apartments, condos, and storage facilities, when there is an item that you want gone, we’ll take care of it for you. It’s as simple as pointing us at what you want us to take and we’ll take it. Our professional workers are skilled, experienced, and prompt. Once the item is in our hands, we’ll dispose of it in the appropriate fashion. As we are the entity between you and landfills, we are close to the environment and will do our part to ensure that anything that can be recycled will be recycled so that our environment can be as safe as possible.

Doug’s Rubbish Removal brings all junk removal services to Vancouver and the surrounding area.