1. Each person in the US generates more than 4 pounds of trash everyday
  2. Americans produces more 200 million tons of trash every year
  3. 75% of waste is recyclable
  4. Recycling an aluminum can save a lot of energy
  5. Recycling aluminum cans can save tons of money
  6. More than 80% of Americans have access to paper recycling programs
  7. 9 million tons of glass are thrown every year in the country
  8. Paper recycling increased a lot since 1990.
  9. Glass containers can be recycled in 30 days.


An average American produces a lot of trash


One of the most significant recycling facts is that each person in the US generates more than 4 pounds of trash daily. That is a lot of waste when you consider the population of the country and the fact that this number is derived from a daily average. This is one of the reasons why people need to be individually motivated to do something about waste and recycling. The habit to use, reuse and recycle must be the responsibility of each and every one to prevent overwhelming existing waste management systems.


Americans produces more than 200 million tons of trash every year


If people choose not to be responsible for their 4 pounds worth of individual trash this will be passed on to a whole community, and to the whole country where existing waste processing is in the brink of collapse due to the massive volume of trash needed to be managed every day. To put 200 million tons of trash in perspective, imagine the Busch Stadium filled with it from top to bottom, twice in a day. Of that number, 21.5 million tons are food wastes which could have been composted by individual households to prevent it from adding more burdens to communal waste collection. In fact when this food waste is properly managed in the household level the amount of greenhouse that the Earth will be spared from is comparable to taking 2 million cars off the road for one year. Do you want to help Earth have a fighting chance against pollution? Dig a hole in your backyard and start composting your food scraps.


75% of our waste is recyclable


EPA estimates that 75% of waste produced in the country can be recycled. Even in today’s increased awareness of reusing things only 30% of the current trash being produced is eventually recycled. The remaining 45% goes back needlessly to the country’s scrap management systems to be thrown into landfills or end up sitting or buried in one’s home or backyard. The truth is everybody can redeem more than just 30% of their trash for recycling.


Recycling aluminum cans could save a lot of energy


Believe it or not, recycling a single aluminum can is enough to power your iPod so that you can listen to a whole album of your favorite music artist. Recycle 100 cans and you can light up your room for a full 14 days. Imagine the wasted energy when these cans are just buried in heaps of soil.


Recycling aluminum cans could save tons of money


You might think that people are very good at picking and recycling aluminum cans considering its value but then think again. The Container Recycling Institute (CRI) released a report which estimated that 36 billion aluminum cans are landfilled every year, having a total scrap value of more than $600 million. That is a lot of money.



More than 80% of Americans have access to paper recycling programs


Majority of Americans can easily drop off their paper wastes on the way to work but most fail to do so. This adds to the 200 million tons of waste in America every year.


9 million tons of glass is thrown every year


Recyclable materials like glass are thrown away needlessly. In America this wastage totals to 9 million tons, enough to fill tractor trailers from Los Angeles to New York and back. This wasted glass material includes more than 28 billion of bottles and jars. Imagine being able to recycle this much of glass – the energy and money that could be saved is huge.


Paper recycling increased a lot since 1990


One of the best among the recycling facts is that reusing items has picked up in the past 25 years or so with a recorded increase of efforts of up to 89%. With consumerism also in the rise, this number is indeed encouraging as this signifies that people are in the right track. Efforts might be lacking still but the improvements are undeniable.


Glass containers can be recycled in 30 days


The process of recycling has increased in efficiency so that a glass container in a bin can get back to the store shelves in just a month. This process of use and reuse is marking the good fight to reuse as much resources as possible.



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