Can you fit your vehicle in your garage? Is it a tight squeeze? Maybe you even park in your driveway or on the street because your garage is so crammed with stuff there’s not even enough space for you! Doug’s Rubbish Removal, in Vancouver, is pleased to offer a garage clearance service to unburden you from the clutter that’s taken over your parking spaces.

We can think of a few things that might be contributing to your garage clutter problem:

An old bike

Chances are someone in your family has a bike they no longer ride. It’s probably sitting in your garage gathering dust and taking up space. Who know’s if the gears still work? Doug’s Rubbish Removal can take that old bike, and recycle it so you can move on with a clear conscious.

Unused toys

Kids grow up fast and go through toys like crazy. If your garage is cluttered there’s probably a few boxes of toys the kids have grown out of over the years. Why not get rid of those old and unused toys and finally give yourself some garage space? Doug’s Rubbish Removal can donate the salvageable toys, so they can move on and make another child happy!

A ripped slip n’ slide or inflatable pool

If you don’t have a ripped slip n’ slide or inflatable pool taking up space in your garage then you know someone who does. Summer equipment gets worn out fast, and then it usually ends up sitting in the back of the garage for awhile, until someone remembers it’s broken. Doug’s Rubbish Removal, in Vancouver, has a garage clearance service available to get you ready for summer and give you the room you need to store new summer things!

Old sports equipment

Why are you holding on to those skis you haven’t used in twenty years? Old sports equipment usually hangs around the garage because you think it might be useful one day. But chances are if you haven’t used it in a few years, you’re probably not going to take it up again anytime soon. So call Doug’s Rubbish Removal for garage clearance and get rid of the broken tennis rackets, the worn out pads, and that basketball hoop no one uses anymore!

Broken or outdated electronics

When electronics break, you can’t just throw them out in the trash like a gum wrapper. But you probably don’t know what to do with them either. Why not just put them in the garage and worry about it later? Luckily Doug’s Rubbish Removal can help you clean out your garage and properly dispose of your collection of outdated electronics.  

Holiday Decorations

Do you have boxes and boxes of Christmas, Halloween, and Easter decorations? If you buy new decorations every year, you probably more decorations than you can even use at one time. The extras are probably stored in unopened boxes in your garage. Simplify things for yourself and let Doug’s Rubbish Removal recycle the one’s you know you’ll never use again.
With Doug’s Rubbish Removal’s garage clearance service, you can reclaim your space! Imagine the freedom of having the space to park your vehicles, set up a workbench, or maybe even a mini-studio. The possibilities are endless when you call Doug’s Rubbish Removal and ask about garage clearance.  Contact us today for a free quote to get your garage ready for summer. Call (604) 506- 3684!