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The new year is here! Did you make any resolutions? Maybe you’re planning to run your first marathon this year or maybe you’re looking to spend more time with the kids. This time of year is a perfect excuse to start fresh and put things in perspective. There’s nothing more cathartic than taking inventory of your belongings and purging what you don’t need. We all know that real estate is at a premium in the Lower Mainland so every square inch matters. A lot of us keep junk in some way or another. Some of us shove it into a closet and think, “I’ll deal with it later”. Others are so overwhelmed with things that it’s difficult to know where to start. “Later” is here. Junk removal in Burnaby starts with Doug’s Rubbish junk removal and disposal.

We aren’t here to judge and understand that life gets complicated. You don’t need to complicate things any further. We offer upfront pricing and recycle and donate whatever we can. That’s why we’re Burnaby’s choice for junk removal services. Our courteous professionals have dealt with all manner of messes and piles. From old electronics and furniture to construction debris, we will dispose of your junk safely. Our skilled technicians are certified and insured. Even if you’re garage is overflowing or if you’ve taken on a big home renovation project, we can handle it.

Whether you have resolutions or not, getting rid of unwanted junk is a reward you deserve this year. Make 2017 the year you take your space back. Contact Doug’s Rubbish today!